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 your life was meant to be lived...

...not spent obsessing over food and your body. When you’re struggling with an eating disorder, it can feel like that’s all you can think about.


Don’t let your eating disorder continue to steal valuable time and experiences from your life. While I have not personally experienced the pain of an eating disorder, I have walked alongside close friends and many clients so I understand the depth of how debilitating it can be. On the other hand I do know what it is like to fight your mind on how it views your body, I know what it is like to struggle with having a positive self image and therefore, I have developed a passion for walking alongside people in this vulnerable and courageous journey towards recovery and I know that it’s possible for you to overcome this struggle and experience life in a new way.


A common misconception is that you have to be a certain weight to have an eating disorder and your behaviors have to be “extreme” in order to seek help. While in fact, research shows the sooner you start therapy, the greater your outcome will be. Plus, not every body will show these illnesses the same way the movies portray them and that in itself can be frustrating and cause more negative self-image and conflict between your mind and body. My hope for you is that through this journey you will create a positive self-identity in which you will develop self-compassion, acceptance, and an increased sense of self-worth and purpose. You will learn how to trust yourself and trust your body.

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