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Why am I so passionate about therapy?

Because I know firsthand just how helpful it can be. 

My personal journey through therapy has helped me discovery who I am as a person, helped me center my life on what I believe is most important, and helped me live with more purpose. Because of all that I've gained through my personal experience in therapy its a passion of mine to walk alongside you in your journey. 

Through my private practice in Lenexa, KS, I get the privilege of helping people experience life change as they work through struggles like anxiety, depression, life adjustments, eating disorders, and relational conflict. 

Philosophy & Training

Everyone has an inner strength and I view it as my job guide you in finding and using this strength to begin living a life you enjoy living. I encourage my clients to have self-compassion and grace, and challenge them to learn more about themselves without judgement. While I am the expert in specific approaches to therapy, you are the expert on your life.  I take a collaborative approach to therapy with the use of acceptance, optimism, and enthusiasm.  


My focus is supporting adolescents, young adults and adults who are experiencing , depression, anxiety, life adjustments, eating disorders, and unhealthy relationships.

As a family therapist, I have a unique perspective for supporting and encouraging each family member while addressing the concern that brought the family to therapy. 

I am an alumna of Kansas State University, completed my Masters Degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and have postgraduate foundational training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)  from Behavioral Tech, the training institute of DBT creator Dr. Marsha Linehan. I hold certificates in Play Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Medical Family Therapy. I am an active member of The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists and The International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals. I am dedicated to research and staying current with the most effective treatment methods.

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